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The Most Important Thing You Need To Know

Being Organized

When I first started out to ‘run’ my own business more than 40 years ago I had the misguided notion that if I got the right business going then I would be able to fix all the other things in my life that needed fixing. Most of the years since I have found methods of business modelling but not a “Quick Fix”.

I think that I have tried almost all ‘legal’ ways of marketing, Direct Sales; Door-to-Door; Multi-Level-Marketing; Affiliate Marketing, to name some of them.

It was only after hoping this next thing was the “Golden Egg” deal was proved to be a mirage that I found the answer I was looking for all along.

I had a chance to be coached by one of the most successful Marketer that I found where I was going wrong. If your personal life is not in order then you can’t hope to run a successful business. My coach has come from a merger background and built a very successful Online Marketing business pioneering many of the ‘new thing’ in marketing success that has emerged on the Internet.

In 2009 I found myself staring at a black hole of a future with nowhere to go when I began a coaching course that has changed my life. It has turned me 180 degrees around and given me hope to fulfil a dream that has been with since late 1978.

I don’t think that that Coaching Course is still available but all the essence of what it was built around are and can be found Here.

In my quest to be successful I came across a product that has helped me systematized all data and information on needs to have tabs on when running a business. Alex Goodall has done a good job of thinking about every aspect of Internet Marketing and has developed a system to make find your info easy.

You can get a free package Here, which get you started on successfully organizing all those files you can never remember where you put them.

If are anything like me then your office could do with some tidying too. It was during the time I was going through the coaching course that I came across Kirsta Green. Now known as Krista Clive-Smith she has a business that assists anyone to organize their office so it makes work there a pleasant experience rather than the hectic one that is probably what you have.

Her Simple Sexy Style marketing in 2009 makes for good organizing a dream come true.

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